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Klitmoeller - DenmarkWhere to go surfing, especially as a learner, that is a good question. If you look it up on the internet, places in Europe like France, Portugal or the Canary islands, will be mentioned.

happened to be in Denmark at the time of learning, so I used the spots there. I can see now that it was a good choice, but I was lucky with the weather. It was a windy summer, and as you use the waves created by the "local" weather systems, rather than swell, coming from thousands of kilometres away, conditions were fine for me as a learner.

The places I went to were Loekken Klitmoeller Vorupoer and Hvide Sande. ( the links are leading to a different section, use the "browser back arrow to return to this page)

I liked Loekken the best. It was easy to walk out for the first lessons, and when the wind is strong you can use the pier to get passed the breakers. There is a small surf school there.

Klitmoeller is second on my list. The scene is better. It is a real surf spot. Surfers come from abroad, especially Germany, to check out this place. Tuition is possible and there is a surf shop.

Vorupoer has the best waves, but as a learner you do not need that yet. It is besides the most crowded place.

Hvide sande is very quiet, talk about 3 surfers on the line up on a average day.

The contra with Denmark is the colder weather, even if summer is not that cold as you may think. The water calls for a 4/3 or 3/2 during the summer and 8 with hood and gloves during winter. Klitmoeller is all year activity as the conditions for wind surfing and wave jumping are very good. The reason for this is the convenient driving distance from Northern

France is another place to go, especially the coast of Aquitane . Every coastal town there, is in some way or another connected with this sport. September and October is considered the best time to go. However as a learner, you may on purpose avoid these month at first.

You get here the North Atlantic swell coming in, and that calls for caution.

In 2008 I made a 1 month trip to Cantabria on the Spain North Coast. I liked it there and in the spring 2009 I place my caravan for the full year at Ayambre beach camping "La Playa".  I did 5 week trips there during the year, The last trip during Octobre.

During autumn 2009 I went 2 times to a surf camp in Sagres. Here I lived in a surf house.Nov trip we were 2-3 persons in the house. During the Dec. visit, I was all alone in the house. I book a private room and have the room for myself.

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