Surfing. Getting up on the board


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When you feel confident catching the white water waves, then you can try to get on to your knees. This is often recommended in the surf tutorials, and I found it useful.

On the photo in left side, I am surfing on my knees.

The next step, and a more complicated one, is getting on to your feet, standing on he board.

Before you try this, some training should be done on dry land so your muscles are prepared and you have the flexibility needed.

Try to study this small video clip, how I do it, at my present stage of learning. First I make a "push up" using the arms, while I keep the back arched.

Next I swing the butt up in the air, and at the same time I move my left foot forward. The body is supported by the arms and the right foot.

Push away with both arms and straighten the left leg. You should now be in a standing position.

As you get more practice all is done in one sweeping movement.  More about POP UP

It took me 2 months to get this far. I was in the water every day, sometimes several times.

Had I done the training before I started with the surf board in the water, I could have obtained the same result a lot quicker.

Eventually I managed. It felt great. I was standing on the surf board . People stopping on the beach to take pictures. And I had just passed my 59 year birthday!!!


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