Surfing. The start


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Our surf camp on the beach.You found the beach. You got a surf board. More about that later. Then the next step is to make your camp and start training.

Surfers are not welcome everywhere. It is a good idea to become a member of a club, get their ID card. Often you get insurance coverage as well. Which may come in handy one day.

You are now training for your sport. Old folk home competition, or something like that. It may save you a parking fine.

The sea is flat calm. No problem, start paddling. You will be needing a lot of, so called paddling power. There is only on way of getting it. That is from practise.

There is a hint here. Wax your board first. You see, I did not know about wax. I was using a 9 feet soft board, and just could not even lay flat on the board. The answer for this is wax.

The net exercise is called "proning it out". You got the beach. there is a 1 - 2 foot swell running, creating a bit of white water.

Get your board, walk out until knee or waist deep. Turn around the board, when you see the white water coming, then jump onto the board, flat on your belly, you are moving. 

Watch out here. Jumping unto that surfboard can cause all sort of problems. Knees getting overloaded. Hernias coming out. Back problems. I damaged my knee first day out with a surfboard. II was standing with my knee locked. That is straight. A wave was lifting me and ,,bang..back onto the bottom, without any thing to absorb the shock.  Always have your knees bend. Or better, sit on the board. And paddle around with the board.

If it is like more than ten years ago you did seriously jumping onto anything, watch out. I had knee overload and lower back pain. No hernia, it just felt like it. Take it easy if you have passed that half century magic limit.

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