Surfing. The beach


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It is now fun for both to go to the bechThe next thing you need to find is a suitable beach. And here is the great thing about surfing. Or one of them. ...

The beach you are looking for is a nice sandy beach, gently sloping out towards the sea. These beaches makes perfect sun tanning beaches as well. Your wife will love to join you. And you will all of a sudden think it is great to go the the beach, where you used to be bored, because you had nothing to do. Bring that surf board, and everybody are happy.

You may not be near a suitable beach,  so here is a chance to go travelling. Camping is a the perfect choice if you have the possibility to take time off of if you are retired. That way you have transport combined of the low cost of camping.

The perfect beach for learningThe beach you are looking for does not need more than a couple of feet high waves creating white water as they break. Because you will need the white water for learning.It will take a while before  you are going to challenge the local crowd. If ever. Especially if you are 50+ when starting this venture.

Latest: I have now learned that when you read about great surf spots, it is mostly with the experienced surfer in mind. Eventually I found good learner spots close to my home. I wait for a storm to hit the coast. After the wind has died down, I start.

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