observations algarve south 2016 11 22



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Forcast from Surf-forcast.com  Tonel
 hr               surf         dir       energy     wind                 dir
12.00 hr        3m        nw       2918        nw 20 kmh        nw
15.00 hr        3m        nw       2259        nw 25 kmh        nw
Magicseaweed.com   Tonel
  hr                surf zone       surf      dir          wind           dir
12.00 hr        1.4 to 2.1        3.1        nw        22 kmh        nw           
15.00 hr        1.3 to 2.0        3.1        nw        21 kmh        nw
Beliche   3 Hr before Low water
At LW less swell and less surfers
Tonel 3 Hr before LW
Mareta 3 Hr before LW
More surfers at LW , but swell still very small. Though surfable with softboard.
Furnas 2.5 Hr before LW
Salema 2 Hr before LW
Larger swell at LW and more surfers arriving
ILevel 1:          Whitewater, Learning to Stand & Manoeuvre:         2.0lbs/L (0.9kg/L)
Level 2:          Paddling out, dropping straight down the face:        2.6lbs/L (1.2kg/L)
Level 3:          Trimming Down the Line, Attempting Turns:           3.0lbs/L (1.3kg/L)
Level 3.5:       Performing Basic Cutbacks & Lip Hits:                     4.0lbs/L (1.8kg/L)
Level 4:          Aggressive Top to Bottom Surfing:                              6.0lbs/L (2.7kg/L)
Level 4+:        Professional Level Surfer:                                        6.6lbs/L (3.0kg/L)