V N Milfontes & Malhao Beach & Ilha & Porto Covo & S Torpe


Milfontes is 100 Km North from Sagres and 20 Km South from Sines. The surf guides rate this place for experienced surfers. For the same reason I did no do any surfing there. It looked complicated.

There are 2 camping sites. Follow the signs as you enter the town, then you get to the first. The second is just down same street. The camping sites are within walking from the town center.

Malhao Beach

5 Km. North along the coast from Milfontes you find Malhao beach. This is a center for surfing. I did not see any however. I believe it is more during the summer season you have activity here. Big camping near the beach. Sitava. Easy to find. Follow the road Milfontes to Porto Covo.

Ilha Beach

On the road leading to nthe beach you find a very large camping site. Nearest town is Porto Covo some 5 Km. away. There is a parking and restaurant by the beach.

Porto Covo

The camping is easy seen when you enter the  town from the South. There is also a parking along the coast reserved for RV s. 

S Torpe and close by beaches

This is as close to Sines as you can get. On a perfect day in mid April I counted 6 surfers, divided on 2 beaches.  Big parkings.  Close to large port and power station.  Good shelter from Northerly winds.

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