Diary   2021


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Start of year surf days 1896

January   2021.. Surf sessions end of month 1917
The first day surfing was 3 of January. There are a lot of other surfers around, but I managet to find a decent wave in the far end of the beach.
Lockdown again, However we can do sport and surfing is included. Not everywhere, but in our county it has been possible . We did have some nice sunny days during January. But also a lot of rain.
February  2021.. Surf sessions  end of month  1925
A lot of rain during the month. I broke my Noose Secret LUFI longboard . Had it repaired, but it feels a little different now.
Also the Magic needed to be patched up. There were 10 small holes. many days the waves were to big. Instead I started cycling. 40 km trips.
Marts 2021.. Surf sessions  end of month.   1952
During month I joined a facebook group for surfers over 70 years old. Within 2 month it had 700 members.
April  2020.. Surf sessions  end of month.  1983
This spring I broke 2 of my long boards. They were repaired again, but it is not the same. I am using the 10 foot LUFI a lot now. It is heavy, so I have made a small trolley for it. Also I have started to surf without socks. Makes it a on the board lot easier to "walk". I have also made a exercise stand in the apartment, so I can practice cross step.
Video show how it works, Under the board there are some strips of soft foam madras material. i try to walk along the board without the edges of board touch floor. Better use a old board in case the foam make pressure dents.
May  2020.. Surf days  end of month.
June  2020.. Surf days  end of month.
July  2020.. Surf days  end of month. 
August  2020.. Surf days  end of month. 
September 2020.. Surf sessions end of month.

Octobre 2020.. Surf sessions  end of month.
November 2020.. Surf sessions  end of month.
December 2020.. Surf sessions  end of month.