Diary   2014 - Summer trip driving info



2 X 4300   Total 8600 KM Road trip ..
The first Camping I used, after leaving Sagres, was Camping Giralda Isla Christina near Huelva in Spain It is a ASCI site. Date 24 May 2014...
Leave the motorway at exit 117. Do not go through Isla Christina nor Lepa
Following day Tentudia On the A66. Making sure I was on the the parallel N/630 between junction 730 and 722. Midway there is a tunnel under the motorway that leads to the camping. My GPS got it wrong, but I had been there before and had learned the lessen. Use the tunnel. there are other roads leading there, but they are very bad quality. Also i had brought provisions. There is a bar there, but limited what you can get.
26 May  Las Canadas. Banos de Montemayor. I like this camping. Big parking in front. Good restaurant.  A/66 exit 436. between Placensia and Salamanca.
27 May  Cubillas  A 62 exit 102. Very easy to find. Just next to motorway. between Valladoid and Palencia.
28 May arrive at San Vicente de Baquera. Camping Rosal. This camping is walking distance from a surf spot. In Oyambre threre is another camping with direct access to the beach.
I did not have any luck with the swell. It was flat calm..and for 6 days more.
30 May. I move on to Zarautz.  Gran Camping . Great view. Use Exit 11 on the E-70 . Go through 2 round about. Big sign at 2 nd roundabout. Uphill on a small road and you are there..
31 May Arrive at Camping Ferme Erromardie Km 50. Situated at Plage d 'Erromardie. 2 Km North of Saint Jean de Luz, just over the border from Spain. Quite a few units occupied. I would not expect to get a place here during high season.
Use exit Saint Jean de Luz North. Then drive back towards St Jean on D 810 about 1 kilometer. Ignore the road to the right just as you enter on D810. When you arrive at a small roundabout after passing the rail line, then take the road very sharp right. There is a sign with the name of the camping. Do not enter the parking  area at the reception, unless you can turn around and get out. Difficult with a big caravan. Just park on the road outside. I is a dead end road anyway, just leading to the parking by the beach.
It is likely that you have to enter the camping at some of the gates further down the road..
It is a great camping Good walking along the coast. Free Wi Fi.  It is also ASCI 14
There is a Municipal Camping as well, To get to it you must enter the beach from North. You can not pass in front of the beach.
This is the Municipal Camping
To Les Tourterelles at Saint-Girons plage  Km 91
1 June 2014. I have moved on to Les Tourterelles at Saint-Girons plage. Take the road to the beach from Vielle Saint Girons.  It is 80 Km North of Biarritz. Only a small place with 2 camping and a handfull of houses by the beach. I will not be quiet during July August. The campings are very big.
So, les Tourterelles is by the beach with  direct access. Mind you you have to climb a sand dune of considerable height.

To get there drive all the way towards the beach until you come to a round about. Here turn right. There are parking reserved for you while you check in. Get a pitch very close to the bar by the swimming pool if you want internet on the pitch. I ended up on 595, but I will try and change to 556  to increase signal for internet. The smaller pitches 404 to 420 has a lot of shade.

1 of June very quiet. Bar and supermarket closed. Nearest supermarket is 5 - 9 Km away. Pitches are very big. All very open.
Internet on camping turned out to be bad and expensive. I ordered online a zim card from LeFranceMobile. You can order from your home country before u leave. Else camping is very good with paved walk until the beach. And good surf as well.
Photos from St Girons Plage above
 To Camping Soulac Plage at Emily Plage  Km 232
14 Juni. I transfer to Camping Soulac Plage at Emily Plage 5 km South from Soulac syr Mer. I was here 7 years ago. There are no more pitches with seaview, and the beach has suffered greatly from the winter storms. However there is a new indoor outdoor swimming pool.
To find  the place take the road to Emily plage. Then just before you drive onto the beach turn left, and u are there.
It is now mainly a campsite with cabins, but there are some pitches for camping as well
Top photo. Working on the new path to the beach. Bottom, the swimming pool.
16 Juni 2014 From Emily to La Motte  230 Km  ASCI
I took the ferry from Surlac to Ryan. Then along A10 and then along A83 towards Nantes. Use exit 5 on A83 to get to Camping La Motte. The road to the camping is just as you leave the small village  Vendrennes. The sign is very small.
The camping is pleasant enough. Big pitch and high hedges.I did not find the area too exiting however. Open all year. Good transit place. Big parking outside gate.
17 Juni 2014 From La Motte to The Megalitt 230 Km ASCI
The Megalitt is between Vannes and Lorient on the SW coast of Brtitanny. The sign leading to the camping is very small. Easily missed.
First Birch tree I have seen for a while.
18 Juni 2014 To Camping La Corniche 115 Km
A  Camping Cheque place very near to the town of Plozevet. The older part of camping  has nice big trees for shade. A couple of very fine beaches within 5 km. A bit far away from the dual carriage way. Next time I will pick another camping some more south. That is where the super long sand beach is.
Camping with privacy and shade.
19 Juni 2014  150 Km. Using dual lane most of the way. Going through Brest.
To Camping de Trologot in Saint Pol de Leon.  This is a interesting place on Brittany's North coast. Not far from Roscoff. Ferry to Plymouth and Ireland.
I had not been looking very good at the map, and it ended up in a long search for the camping. The GPS was leading me through the center of town , which is wrong. But I saw a big truck trying the same, so it was a Gps thing.
The map below show how I am getting back out.  It is a CampingCheque.
I was asking for direction. Something like me in French  "Are u the camping" The other answered in broken English " No. I am a passenger" Guess he meant passing by. Eventually a English couple showed me a way. But it was more like a bike lane.  Hurray for small caravans.
Looking around, once installed, I saw that there is another camping with a better location. Especially if you can get a pitch with sea view..
Camping de Trologot is fine, but pitches are quite open. I am behind my plan, so this is goodbye to Brittany and heading for Normandy.
Beach in front of camping. Not to bas  actually. Further down the road the beach was 1 kilometer out at low water
A bit down the road
20  Juni 2014 To Camping Mawan Village Haliotis 215 Km
This excellent camping is situated in the town Pontorson. Easy to find. It is a CC page 55.  Close to Le Mont St Michel. 48deg 33 min 24 sec N 1deg 30 min 51 sec W. Free internet for 3 hours. At least.
The road I followed around the coast of Brittany for the cast days, was a sort of 4 lane road. Very few Aries for stopping. I noticed that the truckers parked in the small lay buy where the emergency telephones are. Some with the curtains drawn, having a sleep. Price 1 CC 16 E
21  Juni To Caimping St Claire  305 Km
Fine camping located very close to motorway from Calais ( 250 km ) and Holland. Filling up quickly. Today I saw they had the full sign out. I had made a e-mail enquiry and they answered they were full. I did not see the mail, so went there anyway.  At 15.00 hours I got in. www.camping-sainte-claire.com  tel 02 35 93 03 93  fancelot@wanadoo.fr.
Big supermarket. Little and Norauto nearby.
Road from Le Havre and 90 Km direction Calais, is not too busy. It is toll road. There are severel good Aires for stopping.
From Caen to Le Havre was also part toll road. More traffic. A couble of good Aires, but packed as it was Sunday
22 Juni To Camping Le Redin 105 KM  Camping Cheque
Situated in the Bay of Somme. Easy to find. I just followed the GPS. I had booked in advance with my CC card, which was good as the site was pretty much full.  The beach is 2 Km away. But the water can be even further a couple of kilometres away at low water.  Price 1 CC 16 E
23 Juni To Ter Duinen 205 Km  Camping Cheque
Situated along the coast in a town called De Haan. It is 20 Km SW from Ostende. Walking distance to the beach. I saw that at the following town towards Ostende there are a camping right at the beach.
The beach is endless, but it was quite windy so not many people. Still sun shine every day.
Internet 1 E 30 minutes. 1 Month 35 Euro. Then it can be used at several campsites.
Good motorway without too much traffic to get here. Some of toll rd.
24 Juni To Deverhoeve  Camping Cheque  100 Km
First I had to get around Ostende and Zeebrugge. No problem as such. The roads are very narrow and there is a lot of heavy traffic, so you just move along with 50 Km / Hour.
Then I headed for WesterSchelde tunnel. It is 6 Km long and cost 7 Euro. Then I was at the most South island off the Zeeland. On the Northern end I found Camping Deveerhoeve. A very nice camping. Free fast internet.  Using the tunnel you avoid Antwerb.
Getting there is through the village and not as my GPS suggested, a left turn after the village. Though it is possible  also. Price 1 CC 16 E
25 Juni To Kijkduin Camping Cheque  120 Km
Today I was following the smaller roads across the islands, heading for Benelux tunnel and then to Den Hag.
I missed  the tunnel and took a small ferry across Rotterdam harbor. It is actually a better route. Then on to Kijkduin camping , witch  is 300 meters from the beach.
Quite a lot of people. It is a very big  camping. Internet 4 Euro for 4 days. It does not cover the whole site.
Leaving the camping , going in direction og Utrecht, I made a small mistake. The GPS was in normal car mode. So I went through the center of Den Hag. Which was actually not a big problem.
The right way to get away from Den Hag is , after leaving the camping, to take a right in Kijkduin. Price 20 E
01  July To Wildhoeve.  Camping Cheque  130 Km
Situated between Utrect in direction to Groningen. After Amersfoort there are 2 choices to get to Zwolle. A28 or A50. The latter is longer , but the part on secondary roads to get the last end to the camping is a lot shorter. Once on the secondary roads, minimal traffic.
The camping is situated in a big forest. You must park your car outside after you place your caravan in position. Big indoor pool.  www.wildhoeve.nl 5 star . Internet 5 E 24 Hour. Very good and fast.
02 July To Strandheem Camping Cheque  140 Km
West from Groningen. Along the A7, and close by as well. Very big. A lot of empty pitches. Easy to find. Small shop next to reception, that seem to close a 5, which I find a big early. Big parking outside.  www.strandheem.nl
Very good free internet. Wi-Fi  at the reception. I was at section B4 and had very good internet there as well. Price 1 CC 16 E
Strandheem. Big pitches and enormous common area.
03 July To Konigssee ASCI Km 140
A28 exit 6 Westerstede. 30 Km West of Oldenburg. The GPS was sending  me along some pretty bad road. I should have followed the driving direction in ASCI book, and followed L815.
Good little camping. Use free telephone to call owner. He will give u a code to open a safety box. Take a plastic envelope. There is key and shower coins inside. pay next morning. No shop at camping. Internet is very good. But u need to pay on line to get access. 1 E 1 Hr. However min payment is 6 E. Pay with credit card or PayPal. U can also get a ticket in reception. A lot cheaper. 2 E 24  hours. There is a small lake for swimming . With a sand beach. Sanitary very god. Heated block. Open all year. www.campingplatz-am-koenigssee.de   +49(0)44531706  Only 3 visitors units inclusive me. Rest are permanent. Big parking  outside. Very quiet area.  Price 17 E
04 July To Feriecentrum Heidenau ASCI  Km 150
Very big camping in 21258 Heidenau. Once you enter the village  there are good signs. Only 5 Km from A1. Btwn Bremen and Hamburg. 35 Km from Hamburg. Exit 46 as far as I remember. Reception open 6 to 23 with a break 13 to 15. But then some other people are at the gate to give u a envelope with key and boom cart. Or there is a telephone number to call.
Small shop. Restaurant and swimming pool. Only internet at reception area. U need to sign up with T-mobile and buy access. 4.5 E for 24 hours
Water and drain on several of the pitches used for short stayers. Pretty full , but still room for more.  Price 25 E
05 Juli To Weisser Brunnen CC 150 Km 
I went through Hamburg on the A1. Then heading for Kiel. The camping is in 23829 Wittenborn. There is a small restaurant on site. Reception open 9 - 13 and 15 - 18. I guess there are ways for later arrival. The small town is very quiet. Then u drive through a small forest to get to camping. Sort of narrow roads.
Internet in restaurant. Free.
There is a big grass field where u can stay without decoupling. Only 3 visitors. Price 16 E. Only 1 person. www.camping-weisserbrunnen.de  +49045541413
Camping is 20 km from main motorway Hamburg to Jutland. That is prop why not so many guests.
06 Juli To To Dancamps Colding City CC 150 Km
Situated 2 Km from Kolding town center in Denmark. The CC discount could not be obtained as it is now high season. The price then is 30 E plus, for 2 person. Good shopping nearby. Foetex Little. Internet good quality, 1 hr 3 E , 3 hr 5 E.
I had  made a reservation, but site was only half full.
07 Juli To To Dancamps Holmsland Klit Hvide Sande CC 100 Km
I got there from the South. There is a lot of driving on narrow local roads. Through small villages and so. The camping is only quarter full. It is right behind the sand dunes with direct access to the beach.  Hvide Sande is good for surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing and a nice small fishing port. Camping is still good for CC discount a  few days more. Other camping sites in the area were pretty full. Camping is easy to find. Though the access road is narrow, but there is no traffis once u are off the main road running along the coast.
U would not think this is the high season.
14 Juli To To Nystrup Camping in Klitmoeller 140 Km
Klitmoeller i a famous surf place in Denmark. The camping was almost full, so better book in advance. It is best to follow the road towards Vorupoer for 1 km, and then turn off towards the camping. The main street of Klitmoeller is a bit crowded in the high season. The parking at the surf beach has a 2 hr limit.
Internet expensive on the camping. However you can buy a sim card easily in Denmark and then load 3 G data for 15  Euro. I use the PC suite from Nokia. Works like a dream. The type of card you want is called " Tank selv" thay is pay as u go.
There is a parking outside the camping. It is a quiet street with only little traffic.
18 Juli To To Aalborg Familie camping  80 Km
Splendid camping, as for the modern facilities. Busy. Book in advance. Easy parking on street outside camping while check in. Driving up to the boom, you block the entrance, if you tow a caravan, more than 4 meters.
Internet 30 Kr a day. 50 for 2 days. Shopping  1 Km.  20 E day 1 person caravan+car+el.
22 July To Torup Camping by Hirtshals  100 Km
Nice plave .Easy to find. Easy to get in and out. Big pitches. Internet 50 DKK i day.  27.00 E   1 night 1 person + el
24 July 2014 Ferry Hirtshals Larvik.
I bought the ticket on line. Along the road leading to the terminal, there is a checkin cabin, you show the ticket, and they give you boarding pas and instructions where to park. everything very efficient. Crossing time 4 hours.
Once in Larvik I headed for Granholmen Camping. 10 Km away. I had called this morning to ask for a space, but i could barelyt squeeze in. Camping easy to find. A parking outside, but busy with beach visitors and their cars, as it is a sunny and hot dat. Price for car caravan 1 person and el. 300 NKr. Internet 50 NKr. I think you could be 4 persons for the same price.
Small beach. Mini restaurant. No shop.  Hot shower 10NKr  37.00 E
If the camping is full there is a public parking in Sandefjord, by the bay, where I saw a caravan and a RV. It looked as if they had stayed the night there.
25 July 2014 To Moen Camping Hemsedal en route to Hoddavika.  305 Km
Up to 30 Deg most of the day. Driving along first on the motorway  to Oslo , then on E 16, rigsvej7 to Gol ,rigsveg52 to Hemsedal. Camping is right of the main road before Hemsedal. 250 NKr incl El. 30.90 E. Internet free. And it work well. Lot of space, so not needed to disconnect the car. Looks more like a winter camp with wooden awnings.
In Gol 20 KM from here there are some very large campings. All the way from Oslo. Manny campings. Signposted as well. And close to main road.
60.84466N 8.61903E
On the road to Gol and Hemsedal
26 July 2014 To Gaasemyr Camping Byrkjelo 6826  Km 196
I continued along risveg 52. Where it joined E 16 i turned left, ( E16 right leads to Oslo ) until rigsveg 5, where I turned right. Crossed with a ferry over Sognefjorden. At the junction with E39 I turned right to Byrkjelo. The camping was not the main camping in town. Very small and  pretty however.  Just make sure you can make it back up to the main road.
next time I will try  Byrkjelo Camping and hytter *** - Byrkjelo (01/05-20/09) >+4757867430  61.73059N  6.50852E
Price 175 NKR incl el. No internet
The camping
From today driving over the mountain pass after Hemsedal
Passing Jostedalsbreen.
27 July To final destination Km 123
100 NKR 50 for el shower 30. No internet unless u make a deal with a private house or surf house
2 month travel and 4000+ Km from Sagres. From here it is South. 
My secret camping in Norway
My secret camping in Norway
The " Perfect " wave
1 August 2014 To Laerdal Camping  230 Km
This camping is situated just as you come out from the tunnel after the crossing of Sandefjorden. On the  South side. Easy to spot and a lot of space to enter, sign in. I arrived 15.30, and there was a lot of empty space. Later almost full.
180 Nok 23.00 E Internet free, and work well. I think price is for 1 person only. 10 % discount for FDM membership.  This is a NAF camping.
Coffee break during the day
2 August 2014 To Bostad Camping in Osla KM 280
I just followed the GPS ( a type that can be set as different types of vehicle ) I use RV les than 3.5 Ton. The camping is quite big. No shadow. Check in is quick. Internet is free, but only work near or inside reception building. It was a long day driving.
Price 355 NOK. 43.50 E It could cover several persons, even if I am alone. It include el and 2 showers. They forgot to give me the 10% FDM discount. It is a NAF camping.
3 August 2014  To Silverlyckan camping  Km 330 www.silverlyckan.eu
Only a few km from E6 Goeteborg to Malmoe.  20 Km South from Goeteborg. Easy to find. Very few there, when I arrived at 17.00 hours. Filling some more later.
240 SEK one night el included. No internet. Maybe internet next year.
4 August 2014 To Perstorp. Sweden. Km 120
I was staying privately. There is a camping near Perstorp as well.
10 August 2014 To DCU camping i Naerum
First I crossed with the ferry from Helsingoer Helsingborg. Cost 930 DKr Then along the motorway towards Copenhagen.  Drive off at Naerum.
Splendid camping in a forest like area.
14 August 2014 To Kirke Hvalsoe Km 75
I was staying in the garden of a friend
On the return trip South, I did not make reservations, nor call to check if space was available.
18 August 2014  2014 To Krusaa Km 250
I am starting the South bound trip. First camping is Krusaa Camping. Exit 74. Easy t find. If reception is closed, u can enter and find a pitch or call on phone, depending of the hour. Good parking outside as well, while waiting for check-in.
19 August 2014 To Lyneberg heide Km 225
I was staying  with friends. South of Hamburg.
23 August 2014 To De Molenhof  Km 380
A CC camping along the A1 in East Holland. First I had to drive a bit towards Hamburg. Then Bremen Oldenburg. next I turned left down the A31, and then right along A1. A nice route to go with only traffic. I was starting at 05.00 Hours.
It was a bit complicated to find the camping. But once I followed the N 343, I managed. Nice camping with pool and internet included in CC price.
24 August 2014 To Deveerhoeve  KM 298
It is a CCsite. Situated in the North side of the South island in Sealand. It is a CC site and I have been here before. Apart from one hard landing on a road bump , then it was an uneventful day so far.  www.deveerhoeve.nl
I stayed  2 days here during a 2 day rain . I also found a big nail in one tyre. unfortunately it could not be repaired.
27 August 2014 To Camping Rodin. Bay of Somme. Km 275
The day started with purchase of 2 new tyres. At 9 0`clock the job was done and I was underway. Through  the Westerschelde tunnel. Through Belgien and down the A 40 to Bay of Somme. The trip trough Belgien was first to Terneusen, with the tunnel. Then down to E 34, direction Bruges. Connect to A 40, towards Ostende using N 44. And then South toward Calais.
The pitches  are quite small on this site. It is a CC site
28 August 2014 To Le Lac des Charmilles Km 298
This is a CC site 30 Km South from Caen towards Rennes. Easy to find. Internet free 1 hr pr day. Close to the motorway. Pitches of variable size.
29 August 2014 To La Motte  315 Km  ASCI
Use exit 5 on A83 to get to Camping La Motte. The road to the camping is just as you leave the small village  Vendrennes. The sign is very small.
The camping is pleasant enough. Big pitch and high hedges.I did not find the area too exiting however. Open all year. Good transit place. Big parking outside gate.
31 August 2014 To Emily Plage Camping Surlac sur Mer Km 241
The trip included a ferry trip across the Girone river. As u get to Ryan use the ring road and move West before turning towards the coast and the ferry. Almost there GPS will turn u left the last Kilometer, but follow the signs and use the smaller road along the coast. This is to avoid drivers to and from the ferry meet.
It was a Saturday end of season and no problem to get across going South, but coming the other way; long kew.
When I arrived to Emely Plage I took a left to get the last 200 meters to the camping. No place to park, so I ended up right in front of the barrier. Eventually they let me through so I could park on the inside and check in. I had called the same morning to check for available space, and had a OK. Still they were a bit upset that I blocked the entrance.
Pitch 102
4 Sept To Truc Vert Cap Ferret Km 105
There is a shortcut that the GPS did not catch, Big sign 5 Km before the site. Turn right. I went all  the way to the roundabout , almost at the end og the road, and then back along the beach. For 4 Km.
Resonable parking space while check in. It is a quiet road and also parking along the road outside. Camping quite full. But not necessary to reserve.
8 Sept To Mimizan Km 130
I was camping at Club Marina Landes. A very good site. ASCI discount as well. Going towards the Ocean beaches turn left when you see the sigh South Beach. That is the most direct route.  During offshore wind smell from the factory.  Internet is very good at this site. About 3 Euro a day. Depending how manny days u sign up for. Also nice restaurant and supermarket.
15 Sept to Vieux Saint Girone Plage  80 Km
Campeole camping like last time. ASCI discount. Still 10 Km to the Carrefour. The small super in the beach resort looked closed.
18 Sept to Itsas Mendi   120 Km
Near Saint Jean de Luz. indoor outdoor pool. 400 m to the beach. So everything very nice. But, prepare for a noisy hell during week ends.
The pitches near the exit are pretty occupied by older people, could be more quiet there. Very hilly place, and very big site
29 Sept to Cubillas  360 Km
I drove past Victoria, Burgos. Toll about 25 E, but fine road all the way. Lots of spaces to stop for a rest. A-62 exit 102. Next to the motorway on the Palencia  Valadolid part.

Next stop  Las Canadas. Banos de Montemayor followed by  Tentudia  ( Both used before )

I made a one night stop at Villsom in Dos Hermanos ( Seville ) A great camping. Easy to find as well.

Eventually Thursday 2 of Octobre I signed in for 1 month at La Rosaleda in Conil de Frontera. Getting to the camping, go to the Town of Conil  de Frontera then to the camping. The GPS was leading me through a pine forest on a bumpy narrow road.

La Rosaleda charges 285 E for 1 month + el. It is a well maintained site.  Free internet of good quality and splendid sanitary systems. Supermarket on site and big one 500 meters away. Pool and restaurant look closed for the winter. ( Restaurant opened again after a month vacation )

I am here for the surfing which is splendid, and to use the airport 60 Km for a trip to Mallorca.

During November I will drive to Sagres, using the camping sites I have visited before. An easy 500 Km drive, I should think.