Diary   2020


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Start of year surf days 1630

January   2020.. Surf days end of month 1650
01..Mareta. Very good apart from bumpy.
02..Belichevery good. Clean
03..Pt Moss. Small , 2ft. Michaela got 15 waves. Phillip developed a taste for longboarding.
04..Pt Moss. 2 to 4 feet.
05..belicheVery good.
05..Mareta. Not easy
07..Tonel. Very nice waves.
11..Just enough to surf, but had to wait for set.
15..Mareta. At lw, small and windy. Rising water not possible to get out.
16..Mareta. Too bumpy. Better at mid tide.
17..Pt Moss.
19..ZavGood,sometimes big sets. I was a bit on inside taking small clean waves, or white water.
21..MaretaSwell from SE and NW
23..Tonel..Max for me.
27..Punta. Point working. I was sitting further in.
February  2020.. Surf days  end of month 1666
It was the warmest and most sunny February in many years. A lot of good surf also. Crowds were less, but now the Corona virus started to move in on us.
I ordered a new board . A lufi 10 foot longboard. I left the design to the shaper. Letīs see what he will create.

video/200203maretmovi.mp4  This video show how you can easily turn a longboard to move along the wave ( second surf ) even when lying on the board
Marts 2020.. Surf days  end of month. 1675
The  first days I surfed Beliche. Not an easy beach with a long board. believe me. i did a lot more wave reading, and that helped.
Then my new board arrived. 10 feet Lufi. First try was in Mareta. Only 1 to 2 feet waves. Much to my surprise I managed to surf these waves. It did take some hard paddling however.
Two next days still small waves. Then some bigger waves came. 3-4-5 feet. I was surfing twice that day. From line up to the beach several times. I have been surfing 10 feet boards before, this is the better of  them.
The following day the 12 of March 2020, was the last surfing day. beaches were being closed due  to the Corona virus.
So far I have been home for 4 weeks, only going out to buy essentials.
Date 12 Last day of surf ...New board...New board 
New board dimentions.. Date 05, easy day at Beliche.
April  2020.. Surf days  end of month. 1675
Lock down
May  2020.. Surf days  end of month.
04..First dayb surfing after lock down. 05..06..07..08..10..11..14..15..16...17.18..18..19..20..20..21..24..
Surfing around Sagres.
I am using 10 foot LUFI board now. It is different to start down the wave on such a long board. It seem that some times some angling is needed, but so far the board has been a positive surprise
June  2020.. Surf days  end of month.
July  2020.. Surf days  end of month.
September 2020.. Surf sessions end of month.
Octobre 2020.. Surf sessions  end of month.
November 2020.. Surf sessions  end of month. Total year
December 2020.. Surf sessions  end of month. Total year