Diary   2019


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January  Sagres  2019.. Surf days 1419
01..Mareta..Low water. Perfect day 
02..Castelejo..Windy . Surfed the big peak twice
03..Amado..Very good. Surfed 3 hours.
04..Amado..Brilliant day.Bought LUFI 9.6 nose rider.
05..Zavial..Very good for long board.
06..Amado..800 KJ day.I surfed white water. 5 surfers surfed big set further out.
07..Amado..Surf white water 600 KJ day.
08..Castelejo..Used 9.6. Very good condition 200 KJ.
09..Castelejo igen. Getting a bit crowded.
10..Cordoama. Surfed South of small island. Some big sets from time to time.
11..Mareta..Turned out to be very good. 3 surfers only.
12..Cordoama..Got the tide wrong. Difficult beach.
13..Fantastic Amado..Big mellow swell.Great take off with 9.6 nose rider.
14..Amado..Sun , nice , reasonable waves.
15..Amado.. Good fat swell. Enjoyed it. Surf day 1419
January  Fuerteventura  2019.. Surf days 1425
Fly to Fuerte 19 January. Stay at Maradentro , right at the beach, in front of Rocky point. Join surf school Homegrown, very good. Rented a board from Homegrown. A good epoxy 9.2. Surfed alone 3 days and with surf school 4 days.
Did some sight seeing with rental car as well.
Weather was cool, with quite a bit of cloud. However when sun came out, people were on the beach.
Rocky point best with 1.5 meter and 300 KJ. I should have rented a car all the time with roof rack or brought a soft rack.
Ended up with a bad lumbago, but lucky me 3 days before fly home, enough days to almost complete recover. Thanks to Vegan?? Next year a full month with more people !!
February  Sagres  2019.. Surf days 1444 end of month
04..Amado. Very good day.
05..Bordeira.3 feet swell.
07..Puerto Moss. Only worked with the sets, else flat. Swell 3,7m 311 deg..
08..Tonel. Just big enough in West end. Swell 2,9m 316 deg.
09..Mareta, smallish.
10..Mareta , not very big.
11..Baranco, a rare visit.
13..First Mareta then Tonel.Sunny nice.
15..Mareta..Max condition for me SE 1,2 m
16..Mareta. Big waves.Managed to get out and get 1 heavy wave, just right.
19..Puerto Moss. Very good. Sunny
20..Looked at Tonel, but big sets  coming in. Then Beliche. Steep, but 9,6 feet LUFI worked well.
21..First Tonel. 1,1 to 1,5 m. After a few surf gave up. Too big. Then Mareta. SE swell 1.4 surf zone. After 1 wave I gave up. Too big.
22.. Mareta. 0,9 to 1,4 in surfzone. Fatum board. Had a set hit me and was hold down for 15 ssec. Released life vest. Had some trouble finding the release, but eventually it worked well.
23..Mareta again at LW. NW swell coming around. Quite good at first , then getting crowded.
24..Mareta, difficult winterswell. Sunny warm. First summer day. Swell 3m 288  deg.
27..Mareta. Very good.