Diary   2019


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January  Sagres  2019.. Surf days 1419
01..Mareta..Low water. Perfect day 
02..Castelejo..Windy . Surfed the big peak twice
03..Amado..Very good. Surfed 3 hours.
04..Amado..Brilliant day.Bought LUFI 9.6 nose rider.
05..Zavial..Very good for long board.
06..Amado..800 KJ day.I surfed white water. 5 surfers surfed big set further out.
07..Amado..Surf white water 600 KJ day.
08..Castelejo..Used 9.6. Very good condition 200 KJ.
09..Castelejo igen. Getting a bit crowded.
10..Cordoama. Surfed South of small island. Some big sets from time to time.
11..Mareta..Turned out to be very good. 3 surfers only.
12..Cordoama..Got the tide wrong. Difficult beach.
13..Fantastic Amado..Big mellow swell.Great take off with 9.6 nose rider.
14..Amado..Sun , nice , reasonable waves.
15..Amado.. Good fat swell. Enjoyed it. Surf day 1419
January  Fuerteventura  2019.. Surf days 1425
Fly to Fuerte 19 January. Stay at Maradentro , right at the beach, in front of Rocky point. Join surf school Homegrown, very good. Rented a board from Homegrown. A good epoxy 9.2. Surfed alone 3 days and with surf school 4 days.
Did some sight seeing with rental car as well.
Weather was cool, with quite a bit of cloud. However when sun came out, people were on the beach.
Rocky point best with 1.5 meter and 300 KJ. I should have rented a car all the time with roof rack or brought a soft rack.
Ended up with a bad lumbago, but lucky me 3 days before fly home, enough days to almost complete recover. Thanks to Vegan?? Next year a full month with more people !!