Diary   2018


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January  Sagres  2018.. Surf days 1228
During new year Phillip and family came for a visit. That was a nice break in the daily routine. We managed to find some decent surf and  weather was reasonable with quite a bit of sun shine. We were lucky with some Westerly swell that entered Mareta.
I got to know some van people as well. Mike invited for a great Curry, then everybody took off for El Palmar, some with the intention to continue to Marocco.
During the period I was trying to place an order of a new surf board, first with Lufi in Lisbon, and when that failed I managed to get Barbossa in Arrifana to make me a board. That should be finished in end February.
I bought the surf guide "I love the seaside" . The authors are staying in our condo at the moment. I like this guide because apart from describing the surf beaches; not all of them, but enough, they also guide you to a lot of the surf accommodation and smaller guest houses etc.
Also I got a Quicksilver 4/3 winter suit, super stretch. very comfortable. I replaced my booties for some 3 mm neoprene socks. Works well, it gives a better feel with the board, only sometimes I "double" a toe. That hurts a fair bit. Also i started The 100, a more than 50 section 4 season series. So before I knew it January almost over.
1 st January 7.45 Mareta. A good start of the year.