Diary   2014 - 1


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02. Jan  2014 Thursday 764 

Can Pastilla. Small swell only, but I got a lot of exercise in pop up and turning.  A new year, and I have great plans. Let `s see what will happen.

03. Jan  2014 Friday 765 
Can Pastilla. Today I did my first nose riding. You know. Stand upright, hands on the back. Belly forward.
04. Jan  2014 Saturday 766 
Can Pastilla again.  In Northern Spain there is big waves tomorrow.  http://vimeo.com/83589909
09. Jan  2014 Thursday 767

I arrived from Mallorca yesterday. Today I was first looking at Tonel, but then setteled for Mareta.  Most places are closed for the winter. Still I counted 15 surfers. And the 4,95 menu is still on at the supermarket.

Tonel. Body boarder coming out of a small tube that is collapsing behind him.

10. Jan  2014 Friday 768

Mareta had clean swell, good for my long board, but finding  a peak with some green water shoulders was not that easy. It was however good training for pop up, which I can now do in one sweep, providing the wave is steep enough.  After the surf, I went to the restaurant and had a coffee and cake, and looked at the surfers.. Overcast and 16 deg C


11. Jan  2014 Saturday 769 surf days

Beliche. A nice sunny day. Only 5 surfers. A lot of the sand from the beach has been washed away, by the last storms, and created some nice sand banks.

14. Jan  2014 Tuesday 770 surf days

I have mooved to a camping near Luz. This afternoon I tried the beach. Nice clean swell, and I had it all for myself. The rest of the surfers were crowding further down the beach.

I just came across this video http://youtu.be/uBPDpDkGHRA Meia beach during the last storm swell 5 January 2014

15 and 16. Jan  2014 Tuesday 772 surf days

Luz, today and yesterday. Not fantastic wave, but usable for training a bit with  pop up. I am alone on the beach. There are some more surfers, but they surf at the end of the beach. A bit of a tight take off, so a stay away.



18  Jan  2014 Saturday 773 surf days
Luz again. The surf is up. 5 meters on the West coast. A Luz the size was good, but it was a fast building shore break. I did manage to catch severaql waves in sort of good style. Some with a proper pop up. Look video:  http://youtu.be/FAiuOLnubmc

20  Jan  2014 Monday 774 surf days
Beliche. I had rented a 8 feet soft board, which was good , because I was being tossed about a bit.

Beliche. Photo is from the day before.

22  Jan  2014 Wednsday 775 surf days

Beliche. Great swell. i was popping up in one sweep many times. A lot of surfers out. I managed to end up in a group of locals. Drop in on one, but they were friendly enough.


23 Jan no surf , but I went to have a look at different beaches. At Zavial all the sand has been washed away by the storms.  2 photos below. from Zavial

Zavial last spring

24  Jan  2014 Friday 776 surf days
Beliche. Early morning. Only 3 surfers. Great swell, and strong offshore wind.
27  Jan  2014 Monday 777 surf day
Tonel, surfing 2 feet shore break on a long board.    http://youtu.be/2GWSFmFOlVQ
28  Jan  2014 Tuesday 778 surf day
Tonel, surfing 3 feet shore break in rain and strong wind.

I am getting ready to try to jump over the wave.

31 January. Going to Mallorca for some weeks.
03 & 06 & 07  Feb  2014  781 surf day

Mallorca. Can Pastilla. Quite good conditions. There have been sets up to 5 feet. I have a glass long board in storage in a a shop nearby, so I can use my motorbike to go surfing. Very handy.

09 & 11   Feb  2014  783 surf day

Mallorca Can Pastilla. Sunday was sunny with small waves. Today was very windy during the afternoon, when I was there. 3 to 4 feet swell, and a lot of kite surfers and wind surfers to pay attention to.
Here is a video from the "Storm Chasers" Winsurfing is Cornwall.

13   Feb  2014  784 surf day.

Mallorca.  Can Pastilla. Nice swell. 2 to 3 feet. Manny paddle surfers out. But the beach is long and actually, for surfing I found better waves down along the beach, and I was alone there.

14   Feb  2014  785 surf day.

Can Pastilla. Another fine day. Sunny 16 Deg. The swell was very moderate, but well shaped. I managed to surf from the line up to the beach. First going along the wave in one direction , and then making a almost 180 degree sweeping turn and then surfing the wave in the other direction.

17   Feb  2014  Flying back to Sagres
19   Feb  2014  Along the Algarve coast towards Cadis and El  Palmer

I decided to have a look along the Algarve coast. First stop was Albufera camping, wich is pretty good. Then I drove 7 km to the nearest beach to have a look. The swelll was usable. About 10 surfers out. Most from a surf school.
Tomorrow i think I will head towards the border to Spain.

The camping.

Gale beach at Albufera. There is a surfer at the far end of the peak.

20   Feb  2014
Onwards to Isla Christina. No waves.
21   Feb  2014

A 300 Km trip, an I was at El Palmer beach. Betwn Cadiz and Tarifa. Lot of swell here. Too much actually.
El Palmer is a grat place. Surfs
hops, Bars and Restaurants.. Some nicely built. Some more drift wood style.
A place that may not survive the| lay de Costa Inspectors and their Magic Wand
The El Palmer camping is well maintained. With real green grass. The bath rooms are built in Al Hambra style.

El Palmer Beach


El Palmer DIY

From the camping

From the camping

22   Feb  Saturday 2014

I surfed today at El Palmer beach. The waves looked very big at first, but there was a surf school out, so I thought I could manage as well. I checked several beaches during the day.
I finished a splendid, sunny day withy a coffee and some cake. Tomorrow it is up early.

El Palmer

Surf contest in Conil.

Surf contest in Conil. La Fontanilla |\Beach.

Trafalgar. Las Canons de Meca

Trafalgar. Las Canons de Meca

22   Feb  Saturday 2014

I am not having a lot of luck with my surf here. There are big waves, but it is windy and a a bit rough for me.

El Palmar sun set

Everything a man needs. A coffee shop and a surf shop. From El Palmar water front.

24   Feb   2014

Looking around again today. Fuente de Gallo is a very nice area. 1 surfer out. It is located just outside Conil.


3 photos from Fuente de Gallo

26   Feb   2014

Today I arrived back to Portugal. And ended up in a nice town called Castro Verde. 100 km from any coast. There is a good camping there. next to the municipal pool.

The mill actually worked.

House in Castro Verde

The church

27   Feb   2014

Today I was looking at the surrounding  area, and trying to find the water fall Pulo do Lobo. Around the Castro Verde town there is a lot to see. Wild life protected area. Nature park. As you drive along some roads there is a stork nest in every tree top.


Mertola. U can free camp on the small pier.

Mertola with the castle. Guadiana river.

28   Feb   2014  Heading back to Sagres
01  Marts  2014  Saturday  787 surf day.

Mareta. Small swell. I was catching several waves. Doing proper pop up. The exercises  I do every second day, at home, seems to help, or keep me in shape.

02  Marts  2014  Sunday  788 surf day.
Mareta.. Swell not too good. Rain most of the day. I have ordered a Jeff Clark surf vest.
03  Marts  2014  Monday 

I looked after surf everywhere. Including Lagos Mos Beach. Eventually when the swell came late bafternoon, I missed it.

Beliche. Looked a bit complicated.

Mareta looked better.

04  Marts  2014  Tuesday  789 surf day.

Luz. I like that place. A bit of sun and it feels like summer. The beach is also protected from the North West wind. I was catching 10 waves, but it was just a short ride.

Luz , the parking

Checking at Tonel

06  Marts  2014  Thursday  780 surf day.
Beliche. Nice swell. Sunshine and weak wind. Could not be better.


Beliche yesterday.

07 Marts  2014  Friday
 Packing to leave for Mallorca tomorrow

Big South East swell started up today.
18 Marts  2014  Tuesday   781 surf day Back from Mallorca

Yesterday I came back from Mallorca. Today I had first day surfing at Amado. The weather is pleasant, but windy. The swell moderate. A good day to start.

19 Marts 2014
I thought it would be a perfect day. But fount the waves too big for me.  Photos are from Amado beach.

Surfers sunning at Amado beach
20 Marts  2014  Thursday   782 surf day
I was looking at Beliche. Waves too small. Then I went straight to Amado. Still big swell and with a lot of volume. Surfing was not good. However I had a chance to check out my new Jeff Clark Surf west. It is very comfortable, and it gives more confidence ( wich may not always be a good idea)
Sitting on the board with the surf vest
21 Marts  2014 Friday   783 surf day
Today I did not catch any wave at all.
Vans parked at Amado beach
Carrapateira Beach
22 Marts  2014 Saturday  no surfing
Strong wind from NW and rising swell, made it difficult for me to find a good beach. So I was spending some time driving around to have a look.
Amado was rough
Amado was looking rough
Once the wind will moderate, then there will be some good swell
Zavial looked better
23 Marts  2014 Sunday   784 surf day
At 8.30 I was at Beliche. It was pretty cold, but quite a few surfers out already. The timing to catch the wave is very important. I do not find it easy, but managed to catch several waves. Most of them I did not manage to get on my feet I must admit.
The 3 photos above are from Beliche this morning.
25 Marts  2014 Tuesday  785 surf day
Beliche today. Quiet in the morning and sunny. Later bigger waves and overcast. I finished my Ken Follet book "Pillars of the Earth" Very good book.
26 Marts  2014 Wednsday  786 surf day
Big surprise. I was surfing Beliche again today. It is getting crowded there. I will try to get there earlier tomorrow. Mostly sunny, but cold wind. I was changing into the wet suit at Mareta beach, and then I drove back to Beliche.
28 Marts  2014 Friday  787 surf day
Surfing Mareta. Morning and afternoon. The sand has shifted a lot during the winter storms. I need to rethink the tide to go there.
During the next week I am going sight seeing along the Algarve coast. Without bringing the surfboard.
Mareta Beach
From 30 Marts to 6 of April I was checking on several beaches on the South coast.  Photos
08 April  2014 Tuesday  788 surf day
Mareta had 2 feet swell today. Just enough for me to catch some wave. The weather is warm and sunny. Spring is here. Some would call it summer.
The 2 photo above are from Mareta.
Mareta 9 April
10 April  2014 Thursday  789 surf day
A very good day at Mareta. South East swell. I was catching many waves. Maybe not the best style, but I was a little bit proud of myself. Then some very bit set  started to arrive. Then I got a bit worried and bailed for the shore. 
Mareta. 2 photos above
11 April  2014 Friday  789 surf day
I was driving around looking at all the beaches. Eventually I settled for Amado. It turned out to be good. A little crowded, but as the tide was falling , more surf able peaks turned up . But it was only my last wave that I got absolutely right. And I noticed one thing. It is a lot easier then. I must concentrate more on my wave timing.
It is spring time. Flowers everywhere.
Saturday. Day off.   The swell looked god, but I was still tired from yesterday.
13 April  2014 Sunday  790 surf day
A great day at Amado. I walked to the far end of the beach, there it was not crowded. The best peak was very crowded, as it was a Sunday with offshore wind and sunny weather.
2 photos above from Amado beach
14 April  2014 Monday  791 surf day
First I went to Amado. Strong offshore wind. It looked a bit chaotic. Mareta during the afternoon was better. Still quite big waves. Afterwards I tried to inflate my new Jeff Clark surf west. It worked perfect..
Top Amado. Below Mareta
15 and 16 April  2014 Tu and Wd  793 surf day
Tuesday Mareta. Wednsday Amado..
21 April. I am going to Mallorca for a monh.
21 May. I am back in Portugal. Sun shine. Good waves, but one shoulder is down. Too much garden work.
The 25 of May I started the " summer trip 2014. I am not quite sure yet where I am going. The general direction is North.
On the following page I keep the driving information, so I easily can find my way back. Sounds like a joke, but it is not. In September the days are getting shorter, and you want to make sure that the camping you are heading for is  there. No fun driving around with a caravan  searching after dark.