2019 - Sagres to Oyambre September




Trip description.
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The trip was started  Saturday 07 September.
I was trying to figure out the best route to take. A transport strike had just started in Portugal. This would influence the diesel store, and I did not want to end up in mittle of nowhere without Diesel supple. My first plan to follow the coast North was therefore cancelled.

The next plan was to go to Seville and then North. Unfortunately there was a heat wave in the area, so I was a bit worried about this. It turned out to be a good idea to go this way, time would show. The trip from Sagres to the hotel, some 300 km , I had temperature of 35 deg. The hotel ac was working to well, so during the night I had to get up to connect and disconnect.
There was a party going on as well, but it is anyway a nice place with a good cafeteria. And good breakfast. And very secure parking.
Hotel Abades Benacazon was first stop. Located 20 Km before Seville, and used by me before
Hotel Abades Tel 955 705600. Autovia Huelva Sevilla Km 16.
Next day it was still over 33 deg. I thought it a good idea to get a good hotel and not drive too far. The choice was Hospes Palacio de Arenales. Ctra national 521 km 52 Tel 34 927 620 490. 10 Km from Caseres
This is a 5 star spa hotel. I spend the afternoon in the pool and the spa. The prices reflected the stars. It was possible however to get some cheaper meals in the cafeteria.
Alternative hotels
..Hotel Romero Merida. Villafranco de los barros. 685 14 77 42.
Looked ok when passing by. S from Almendrlejo. Along N road.
..Hotel Llunion las Lomas-Merida Tel 924 31 10 11
Very comfy prices 45-95. Parking private nearby. Good in review. Pool AC Restaurant In 13.00. Next to Camping North of town. 250 N from Huelva 202 n from Seville
..Hotel Acosta Centro Almendrlejo 924 66 61 11
64 E. private parking in basement In from 14.00 Restaurante AC pool.
..Hotel Acosta Vetonoia North end of town924 67 11 59
Truck stop style 
..HotelBalneario Fuentes del Trampal Carmonita.
Countryside  Spa Restaurant AC parking NO INTERNET 237 N of Seville
..Hotel Rural El Labriego Plasenzuela 927 31 36 37
Not all have AC. Small village. Parking nearby 338 N from Seville
Next day I continued North. Once passed the Gredos mountains, temperature dropped. . Most of the day it was motorway driving towards Zamora where I spend the night at my usual hotel. 
La Becera  45 E  La Castillo 1 49178 Peņausende

I was not hot anymore. On the contrario. A cold spell hat taken hold on the North coast. I therefore decided to make a stop in Magdalena at hotel Crucero.

El Crucero  E 35
La Magdalena 24120 Spain
On road from Leon to Ovieedo . just before embalses.
+34987 58 10 24
Old hotel along the N road. Noise from neighbors. Room sort of ok. No heating during cold spell in May.
Restaurant in ground floor which was good. Check out best arrange the night before, as reception will not open until 10.  Internet open. Simyo bad coverage. Lyca better. They had got the day I should arrive wrong and there was a mistake about the bathroom as well. However price is good.
Nothing to doo in town.
Pension Granada  was next. i stayed there 3 days.
Then I stayed 2 weeks in Camping El Rosal, where I rented a cabin. Some has new bathroom installed.As it is low season I pay 45 E a day. Good value
Thursday 3  October I started the South bound trip. using the road to Palencia. !2 km South of Palensia I found the Hotel Camino Real. 979761564 Outside a bit rough looking , but inside very nice. But air con did not work, so a bit hot as I arrived early. later the sun disappeared and temperature ok.
The price is 45 Euro for 1 person.
Next stop was Hotel Sostenible la Laguna in Brozaz, used several times before. Then I went on to Gale Camping . 75 Km North from Sines. Here I pitched the  tent. The following days I was visiting Comporta area and the beaches. After that I returned to Sagres.
Gale Camping........Gale Camping..........Comporta area beach.