2019 - Sagres to Oyambre and France May ..June




Trip description.
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The trip was started 22 May.
Monte Boa Vista was the first night stay. It is in Portel. 30 m km south from Evora.
I have been there before, so found it relatively easy. After I had checked in I went to the supermarket, and thought I would have a look at the town. However fast realized it is a  difficult place to drive, let alone find a parking place
Next day I drowe on and left Portugal. i spend the following night at a small town called Brozas in Extremadura. I have used this hotel several times now. It is called Hotel Sostenible la laguna. i enjoy driving through rural Extremadura for the sights of the landscape.
It had been a dry spring and there were a great many flying insects in the air.
Next day I continued North. I made a small detour to Montemayor, a town I have  been curious about , but it was a bit  of a tourist trap. Most of the day it was motorway driving towards Zamora where I spend the night at my usual hotel. 
La Becera  45 E  La Castillo 1 49178 Peņausende
Normally from here I drive to Ovido, but I wanted to try something else, and made a route to Torrevenga close to Santander. I found a hotel,la Casona de Dona Petra,in a very small town.Villarmentero de Campos. Population 12 persons. The house is believed to be an old hospital along the Camino de Santiago. After booking in, I walked 3 km along the camino.

The following day I arrived at Oyambre San Vicente de Barquera and found my old lodging Hotel Granada. I was in the water surfing same afternoon.
Pension Granada 
The next started a week of 50 plus course.
After the surf course Marianne came visiting for some days. We moved into a apartment in Vila Sofia. And dit sight seeing to Comillas and Bulnes in the mountains.
next stop was Franse to See old friends and surf for a week.
France St GironPlage. Camping St. Girone Tourterelles. As the weather was unstable, I rented a cabin. 2 bed room mobilhome. heating in all the room. Nice kitchen. I was very confortable.
Some of the days surfing were very good. I had a few waves surfing from line up to the beach.