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Summer 2007 The European trip to Denmark and back     ..

The decision had been taken. I was going to try to get up standing on a surfboard. To do that, I thought, you need t find some proper waves. I looked on the surf web sites for orientation. All these places were pretty far from where I live.

I considered sleeping in the car, or taking a tent along, however eventually decided for a caravan. The next thing was the size, the type of car to tow it and so on.

Eventually I got myself a rig together, it turned out to be quite right. A caravan 3,85 metres long and 2,00 metres wide, and a 110 HP turbo diesel to tow.

As I had never driven with a caravan before, there was quite a bit of tension. To make matters worse I had to start with a 8 Hr ferry trip, from where I was dropped off in a 5 million citizen city. During evening rush hour.

After 3000 Km I was eventually in North Denmark. The sea was flat. Not quite what I had expected. However I pumped up the surfboard.  Of all types of surfboards I had bought a inflatable one ( they all looked the same to me ) Eventually some waves started to build up. First day out I twisted the knee, and for the the next 6 month it was hurting.

The camping site was a family type of thing. Big caravans, big tents. Full set of garden furniture and so on. I said "Hello" They said nothing. Then the family to one side packed up and drove off, a day after the family to the other side packed up ( which took a full day ). I stayed a week more. Every day at the beach. I did not find learning surfing easy at all.

Loekken, the first place I went surfing in Denmark


Next place was Klitmoeller ( Cold Hawaii ) Here I found other surfers. There was a camping that were used to surf people. I stayed a month. As so happened it was the coldest and most rainy June in 50 years. After a month I could surf "standing" on my knees.

Surfers at Klitmoeller

The beach and the bay where you are surfing in Klitmoeller.


An other month and I could just start to get up on my feet, for a very short while. Then the summer had passed. I was heading south again.

After some mocking about on the high ways I arrived at the Atlantic coast of France. The surfers golden coast. Only It was flat calm. First when I came to the South part called Aquitane, I had the board in the water again. By the way the inflatable board had been exchanged for a BIC plastic board 8 feet 4 inc

Arriving to the West coast of France, just to find a flat calm


Now I was spending some very nice weeks on Camping Amely Plage. The beach just down below. Beautiful sunsets and good waves for a learner.

Camping Amely Plage

 Amely Plage

Camping Amely Plage. Me and my equipment.


I still had this dream to get to Soorts Hossegor, a place I read a lot about. The best beach break in the world. When I eventually got there I saw 30 people line up, and a wave that was far beyond my ability. I did not even get my board in the water.

Soorts Hossegor

Soorts Hossegor


It was now October. One of the best month for surfers. I could see that the websites and books I had looked  at was for experienced surfers and not for me. A beach towards the open ocean may not have any place for the un experienced during long periods of time.  I wvery impressed with the Aquitane coastline, and visited most of the places. My road trip along the coast is described in another website called index  The web includes the places I visited during my summer trip.

It was time to head for home. After 6000 Km and 6 month I was still not able to stand on the board any length of time. However I did learn that on my small island, called "Home", we had perfect conditions for beginner  surfers quite often.