Diary   2016 - Camping driving info



From Sagres to North Spain with tent in August Sept 2016 
It is towards the end of  the summer  as I start 21 of August. I have a new tent and a folding bed that I am eager to test. Temperatures are high 30 as I leave. As the cost  camping  are likely to be packed, I decide to take the more inland route. Also I wanted to check some natural reserves that are away from the coast.
Due to the hi temperatures I was  driving during the day from 10 to 17 / 18 hours. AC in the car kept me comfortable  and lots of good old rock and roll.
It worked well. Highest temperatures were 45 crossing the valley of Rio Duero. First stop at the North Coast  was near Foz in Galicien. There it was raining all night and the tent proved to be  water tight.
Also the raised bed is great as I can use the floor under the bed for storage.
What I liked a lot was that I did not need to plan ahead, as I only had a small car that could drive easily anywhere. I could use a route that was on small road, that  I would have avoided with the caravan.
I could drive to the highest point " Torre" as Serra da Estrella near Portalegre, which  was a beautiful trip.
First night at Municipal camping  in Penacova near Coimbra. If you is bigger than a normal car, the enter from IP 3. I came there using some small mountain roads and passing through small villages. Price was 10 euro incl. electricity and Wi-Fi. I believe you could take a swim in the river, but I did not see anybody doing it. Photos below.
Crossing the mountains Serra Estrella. That was a nice trip. Photos below
Second stop was Bracanca Municipal. A nice surprise. A small beach and people were swimming in the river. It is in Natural Park area Serra Montesinho. Photos below.
Heading towards Spain border
Day 3 arriving Foz in Galicien
I was staying at Gaviotas camping right on the beach, for 5 days. Surfing was pretty good . The best way to get to the N road was to take 3 rd road from camping, towards Foz. When I arrived the GPS was using some very narrow roads.
I will be using this camping again. very nice and a good inexpensive cafeteria. The ultra high season in this area is only 2 weeks the 2 middle weeks in August.
Next Place I was visiting was Vega beach and camping. 57 km East from Gijon. A extremely nice place. Pay  to park by the beach all day for 2.4 E. Camping was 20 E. Very quiet with only a few surfers. Camping deep in a valley. Well protected from the sun. About 2 km between camping and beach..
Along the coast I was looking at some other beaches as well, but either could not find them, or could not park as I got there.
I was also trying to go and have a look at the lakes in Pico de Europa National park. About a million other tourists had the same idea, and only a limited number of cars may enter at the same time. Photos below are from Pico de Europa area.
30 of August I arrived at San Vicente in the Oyambre Natural park and pitched the tent at my usual camping.
From Sagres to denia Sept 2016  
First day, Sept 18, I drove to Camping la Aldea in Rocio. On the way I had a look at Huelva and Mazaron Beaches. Did not find any very attractive.
The camping had a nice restaurant. I  shouldhave looked at the town, but eager to move on.
The beach 15 Km East from Huelva.
On the camping. This was the starter.  
The camping is very good. keep away from the entry area. Noise from cars in and out.Talking and so on.
Next morning I was heading North, then East into a Natural Park. Best known from its population of wolf. In the park it was 50 km of very narrow road. buth wit tarmac.
frm the wolf Park  
Later I am looking fro a camping. or somewhere else to stay.    
Following a camping sign into the hills
You could call it Tarp City. Lots of noise and 35 deg C heat. Almost unbearable..  Then a 22.00 sharp everybody were quiet and the night cool started to arrive. I ended up in my winter sleeping bag. very friendly people though.
Reception and supermarket. 
The outdoor kitchen. Table cut down so it fits in car easily. here I get my morning coffee and make a big pot of Porridge. That will keep me going most of the day. If I spot a restaurant, I may ask them to make me a Bocadillo de Jamon. A small country place will only charge a few Euro.
Next day I was heading towards the biggest National Park area in Spain.
Looking down over the vast olive oil field in Jaen province.
The park is a small Shangrila
There are 3 campings. Most easy entry is from the North West. I was happy I only had a small car and my tent.
The camping was actually closed for the winter. 11 deg at night. Lots of animals. Owls. Red dear. And some small ones stole my shoes, so I had to search for them the following morning.
Denia. Eurocamping. Pretty full. Most by North European sun hungry people, that stay for month of a time. Manny carry so much gear that they are stuck to only using inter state roads. Missing a lot of the inland charm and scenery.
Waiting for the ferry.
I was finding it more difficult to cope with heat on this trip. Even if the plan was the same. Drive all afternoon. Make camp late.
The reason was more noise and more activity on the camping.