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Camping Giralda
The first Camping I used, after leaving Sagres, was Camping Giralda Isla Christina near Huelva in Spain It is a ASCI site.
Leave the motorway at exit 117. Do not go through Isla Christina nor Lepa
La Rosaleda. Conil de Frontera
Read in the 2014 section how to find the site. Latest. With lot of rain. More than a day. The grass pitches can get very muddy. I was on no 150. 2 inch of mud. Car almost got stuck.
Camping Tarifa.
5 Km from the town of Tarifa. A CC site. Looks to be walking to  the beach.
I was there 20 Marts 2015 . Not too much space for parking by reception. Best to call ahead. Right at the beach. Steps down to the beach. Wash station for wet suit and surf equipment. Handles rain well without getting muddy.  Very few people.
Camping Valdevacero ACSI  Tarifa  
A bit further away from Tarifa town, and not so close to the beach.
Estepona Parque Tropical
ASCI No 2619
I was there 22 Marts 2015. When leaving the A7 take care you are using the right exit. There are several that leads to the service road along the dual road. There is no space to park by reception, but just inside the boom, using the road turning right, there is space for a car and caravan. Big caravans will find it difficult to move around. There are only limited space. Best to call ahead, or be early. Quite full when I arrived at 12.00 oclock. There is a high stone edge you need to get over to enter the pitch. Say 10 cm. I will bring some aluminum plate next time as my mover was slipping when I needed go get op the stone. Even after I placed some wooden pieces.
The roundabout outside the camping is exit road from the dual carriage road. Expect fast moving cars. Some pitch get muddy when rains, but generel ok.
Marbella Cabopino
CC page 648 
Malaga East Valle Niza
CC page 647
I was  there 23 Marts 2015. The entrance is a bit steep down. Then you are parked right in front of the boom, but the reception are quick to let you pass. A camping where people stay all winter. Nice and quiet. Easy bus to nearby towns.  Free internet, that worked quite well, as far as I remember.
Motril Don Cactus
I stayed there 24 Marts 2015. Cat 1 camping. Where you are leaving the main road, there are a roundabout. The sign to camping is very small. A bit compact just as you enter. Up the other end bigger pitches and not so many. Great restaurant.  Free 150 MB. Else pay. Sanitary very good. heated
Capo de Gata Camping Las Escullos
CC No 644
I was there 25 Marts 2015. perfect place. Easy to find. Easy to enter. Only drawback is the distance frm motorway being 15 Km, but it is easy driving through the natural park.
Aguilas  BellaVista
I was there 26 Marts 2015. Easy to find, but quite a lot roundabouts to navigate. Only little traffic outside camping. I parked right in front of the gate , and was admitted right away. Small camping. Everything worked well.
Nice gravel surface. ,Will not get muddy when rain.
It is a popular site for motor homes. It is not possible to have a larger caravan awning and car on a pitch.
Marjal in Guardemar.
Quite easy to find, just remember to get off the AP road before Torrevieja. I think I used exit 768, and then down to N 332. The Marjal was almost full. Best to call first. Parking outside is possible, and recommended during checkin.
Bahia Santa Pola
I arrived here Sunday 29 of Marts. Easy to find and very popular. Lot of vintering Brits and North Europeans. End og Marts people start to leave. Then you can pick up some good pitches. Else the god pitches are reserved half year in advance, at least.
27 May 2015 To Zaragozza Municipal  399 Km
I picked up caravan from Parking es Verger in Denia, where I left it to take the ferry to Mallorca. Next day I headed for Zaragozza. 400 km was to far to drive. Next time I will use the NII  ( Madrid rd ) to get to the camping.
Leaving towards Pamplona, the A68 junction is tricky. 2 km before you need to divert and drive the rest on a parallel road. The GPS had it right, and there are big signs as well. i guess I was sleepy.
29 May 2015 To Zarautz  270 Km
 I move on to Zarautz. Between Bilbao and San Sebastian Gran Camping . Great view. Use Exit 11 on the E-70 . Go through 2 round about. Big sign at 2 nd roundabout. Uphill on a small road and you are there..
30 May 2015 Saint Giron beach - Campeole Les Tourterelles - France
Arrived 30 May from Spain. Lot of surfing during 3 week stay.
25 June 2015 To Les Lacs Surlac syr Mer  200 Km
Today 26 June I left Saint Giron, and after 200 Km driving arrived at Les Lacs just outside Surlac sur Mer, where I am taking the ferry tomorrow.  The camping is along the D101. Right side at the road, when driving North. There is ample space to park once u get off the D101. Reception aaben 9/12 and 14/19. Very quiet, very few visitors.  Water and drain on the pitch.
I was driving through Montalivet on the way. There is a camping right across from the beach. Nothing special, but good location for some surf.
Managed to back up on Pitch. Almost hit a tree.
26 June 2015 To La Motte  265 Km and a ferry trip  ASCI
Use exit 5 on A83 to get to Camping La Motte. The road to the camping is just as you leave the small village  Vendrennes. The sign is very small.
The camping is pleasant enough. Big pitch and high hedges.I did not find the area too exiting however. Open all year. Good transit place. Big parking outside gate.
27 June 2015 To Le Lac des Charmilles Km 298
28 June 2015 To Kawan village Le Redin 230 Km
Situated in the Bay of Somme. Easy to find. I just followed the GPS. I had booked in advance with my CC card, which was good as the site was pretty much full.  The beach is 2 Km away. But the water can be even further a couple of kilometres away at low water.  Price 1 CC. Internet very good. 2 E for 24 hours. Less for more days. There is a swimming pool on the other side of the road. Map by reception.
29 June 2015 To Deveerhoeve  KM 320
I used this place also last year. The main problem is to find the Westerschelde tunnel. I forgot to look at a  updated map, and my GPS needs updating. I endesd up on a service road, and then got lost in Delfzeil. I was also zig zagging in Zeebrugge.
30 June 2015 to Kijkdyjn in Den Hag
Also a place I have used before.
07 July 2015 to Zeeburg camping in Amsterdam  KM 90
Drive off A10 at S114. Folow S114 west for 1 km. Turn left at stop light. After 100 m there is a stop light. Here turn right. There is a sign.  GPS may send you left here. That is wrong
Nice camping. Mainly young  people. best to call first during high  season. Bicycle hire. Free WiFi. Nice cafe / restaurant. Not far from Centrum of Amsterdam.
10 July 2015 To Konigssee ASCI Km 300
A28 exit 6 Westerstede. 30 Km West of Oldenburg. Last year the GPS was sending  me along some pretty bad road. Now I followed the driving direction in ASCI book, and everything was good.
Office only open 08 to 12 noon. After that it is telephone check in. Some German knowledge is handy.
11 to 16 July Lunenburg ( private camping )
16 July 2015  to Kolding City Camp Km 300
I drive East around Hamburg . First direction Kiel, then Flensburg. Camping is easy to find
17 to 20 Kirke Hvalsoe between Roskilde and Holbaek ( private )
20 to 30 July at Naerum Camping
30  July 2015 to Ore strand camping Vordingborh Km 106
Take the road towards the old "Storestroem bridge " Just before the bridge turn right. When coming from North. There is a sign. Follow the signs.
The camping  is situated at a small beach. Biking distance from Vordingborg.
Price is very good. 130 DKR a day with 1 person in a caravan.
06 Aug to Klitmoeller " Cold Havaii"  300 km + 160 km
Along the way I was staying in Aarhus with a friend.
In Aarhus
13 August to Aalborg Familie camping. 95 Km
Situated along the Limfjorden on Skydebane road. Nice camping. better make a reservation.
I was passing using the old bridge. That worked well. Just follow the signs for the truck route, leading right after the bridge crossing , comming from Noerresundby.
Aalborg is a good place to go shopping. Big shopping center south from the Town.
18 August to Krusaa Km 300
Camping is easy  to find
19 August to Koningzee Km 370
I have used this camping several times before. It used to be very emptu, but I guess it is still school vacation, so quite a few families around.
The drive was too long Max 300 km for me, thank you.
20 August to Wildhove Km 235
I used this place last  yr also. There was a incideent driving  on the narrow street  leading to the camping. A small van decided to overtake, but there was hardly enough place.  This have happened before where people overtake on very narrow streets. Next time I am going to keep a better look out in the rear mirrors.
21 August to De Verhove Zeeland
nOn the way there I was having a stop on a parking and the the car would not start again. Flat battery, and from what I could tell, alternator was not charging.
I called RACE break down assistance, but they were completely hopeless. Then I got  my insurance Maphre to send a tow thruck. I prepared to be taken to a repair shop, but it was friday, so I would prop go to a hotell. Quite a mess all in all.
The tow service did not belive that it was more than leaving lights or similar, so he jump started me and I was on my way the camping.
There I had to let the engine run while I tried to get a pitch, however all occupied.
Next door was an other camping called Veerse Meer. I just got onto the pitch. The battery seemed very low. I stopped the engine and now just a weak click when I tried to restart.
Monnday I took car to a nearby Seat dealer with my fully charged battery. 2 days later car was ready wuth new alternator, but then it  rained a lot for two days.
one day I went surfing at Domberg, and one day full relax.
Worth to noice that tat it was the last day of some public vacations  The 22.
29 August to Le Redin 320 Km  ( used before )
I always get lost in Belgium. here is the North South solution. Once leaving the Westerchelde tunnel head for Gent. About 25 Km before turn right on the E34. Now head towards Brygge. Halfway at Maldegem turn left on the N44. It will join the E40. Watch out where the roads join Stay en left side to turn West towards Ostende. I happened to get it wrong and was then on the way towards Antwerb. However there was a flyover after 5 KM. Just before Ostende you see the signs towards Calais
30 August La Motte  Km 315  ( used before )
Car is doing ok. I have installed a battery & charger indicator.
I got off to early on the motorway before Nantes. So instead of taking the ring road East I did it West. Does not matter.
This weekend is the end of French vacation, but I thing industrial vacation is already over.
31 August To Les Lacs Surlac sur Mer Km 225 and ferry
Remember when arriving at Ryan not to go through town, but use ring road and aproach from a direction more westerly. There are signs leading to the ferry, but theu are small.
The camping was quiet as the main vacation was just over. I finished last week end  30 of August
01 September To Saint Girons
Leaving the motorway at  exit 13 was a bad idea. The road D 331 is very narrow. I think it is better to leave at exit 12  Castes.
The camping was surprising full. Surf schools are still working and many German tourists, surfers and non surfers. Internet is terrible. Only works at reception building , and expensive. I use my Lefrenchmobile sim.  Last year I arrived here 15 SEP. at that time all surf schools closed * and the pizza shop as well ) So beginning Sept is ending  of season.
05 September To Zarautz  120 Km
The camping was pretty full, but not so that a reservation was needed. The pitches with the view taken. Too early to use Camping Cheque, so somewhat expensive.
06 September To La Rosal  233 Km
Close to the town of San Vicente de Barquera. And close to the beach as well. Manny surfers and camping was almost full when I arrived. During the following weeks the season ended and plenty of spaces. restaurant open and supermarket across the street. Loud music the first days bcause town selebration. I was driving the stretch on a Sunday. A lot less traffic.
From here it is onvard to Sagres. I have done this route several times, but here are more camping I may use this time.
Salamanca La Capeta
Salamanca Ruta de Plata
Ciudad Rodrigo  La Pesquero  In case I want to enter Portugal North of Lissabon using E80
Spain Meridia  Camping Meridia
Portugal Estremos Camping Aletenjero
Portugal Evora
Alcaser de Sal  Along the E01
Below are the camping I actually used
18 Sept To El Astral  Km 300
Arriving from North, take the highway towards Madrid A-6 and then the turnoff No 179 tovards Tordesilla. The camping is then easy to find. It takes Camping Cheque. Easy parking outside, or just inside. Internet free in bar. Restaurant open evenings. Walk to town, wich is very nice to have a look at.
This is how far the town is away plus 200 m
19 Sept To Ciudad Caseres Km 303
To get to the camping you must get onto the service road that runs paralell to the main road. At the roundabouts there are signs. Space to park outside while check in. But if alone you are leaving your rig out of sight. During check in. Big pool. Restaurant with 15 E menu. Free internet .My Movistar dongle worked well.
20 Sept To Orbitur Evora Km 236
I drove South to Merida first and then towards Portugal. The best road to use exit 5 and then N114. Also if coming from Spain. I was coming through the town. Good it was Sunday, with less traffic.
It was hot again 30 Deg during the day, and tropical night.
You can park outside if space available. There is space also by reception ,but only just.
The motorway from Spain is ticket and pay.
21 Sept To Orbitur Sagres Km 330
Fine road all the way. Motorway is ticket and pay until the A22 running along  the Algarve coast. There it is prepay Electronic. You can use www.tollcard.pt to deposit some money with credit card, or buy credit on a post office.

And then I was back in Sagres that I left beginning of March 2015