A trip North


Start 04Sept 2013

Gale camping 30 km North of Sines

The beach is spectacular.

The Gale beach. No good for surfing though.

2 nd day. Checking the beach by Sao Pedro de Muel. I got lost several times, lots of forest here. I saw some surfers 20 km further North

Eventually I setteled for Gala Orbitur  in Foz.. Here the GPS once played a trick. I had turned off the toll highway acording to directions. Then it was 20 kilom. on smaller roads. As I entered Foz, on the road at the South side of the river, the GPS said tturn left at the cemetery . Do not do that. It is  a bad left turn and later you have to cross a busy road. Instead follow the road down to the roundabout. Turn right here. Now you are on the said, busy road. But in the right side. Just in front of the camping, that you can easy see, turn off the busy road.

You can also follow the toll high way in to town. Cross the bridge.  Then you get to the before  mentioned round about.

3 rd day. Camp Cancelas Santiago de Campostella. trying to find this place I got lost and ended in a underground parking at the nearby shopping center.

I should have passed the shopping center and then turned right at the round  about. But keep in the right side of the road , so you do not enter the fly under.  There are signs  leading to the camping.

Nice camping, by the way.  It takes about 1 hour to pitch the tent and get everything ready. And then i enjoy a cup of tea.

Camp Cancelas Santiago de Campostella. Sab 07 Sept 2013

4 th day. Going the Oyambre by Santander is  4 lane high way most of the way, but not all the way. 2013.

Ok, with a car, but I do not think i will go this way with caravan.

I arrived Oyambre in puring rain. Leaving Sagres tp was 35 deg.  here it is 18 deg.


Returning to Sagres I drove same route, but took a hotel in Santiago. I followed the coast to get cooler weather. An alternative route is to go inland after Foz and use the municipal camping at Braganca.

Later I gave the tent away. It was comfortable but I think not resistant to windy conditions. And it took a while to pitch.