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Nørre Vorupør, Link to other web siteMap, is a small town on  the West coast of Jylland based on a former fishing village. The vessels had to be hauled onto the beach as there is no harbour. Still today this method is in use by a handful of boats. The photo shows the beach and the  landing for the boats in the background.

Nørre Vorupør is a recognised surf spot. There are several large parking sheltered behind the sand dunes. There are camp sites as well in the surrounding area. 1 close by and 2 more in Klitmøller 10 Km away.

The landing stage is protected by a constructed pier. Heavy weather on this location, in general starts with the wind turning left to a Southerly direction. The fishing vessels this way had time to return home and haul their boats onto the shore.

Those who did not make it in time would have to try and ride out the bad weather hove to at sea, or head for the larger sea ports in the area.

Before the sea ports were constructed, some 75 years ago, it could well be a matter of life and death to read the weather right.

The above photo shows the landing for the boats during a summer gale. Imagine what it looks like when the prolonged winter storms are haunting this coast.

Link to other web sitehttp://www.north-sea.dk  Nordsee Aquarium is situated on the square near the fisher boat landing. It has live display of the fish found in local waters.
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