Link to other web siteMap, is situated at the West coast of Jylland. It is a village type place. There are 2 camp sites. The one I used, and the one most of the surfers use Link to other web sitehttp://nystrupcamping.dk The camping site is open from 1/3 to 1/11, However if you are very fond of surfing and absolutely has to surf new years eve, then try to give them a call. I am sure they have a solution..

The photo  shows the surfer parking in Klitmoeller. There is a big sign " Only for surfers and their equipment."

What many do is they spend the daytime at the parking along the bay in front of the inn or the smaller one dedicated for surfers further towards West. Then they spend the night at the camping site or at the quick camping parking outside, it is  cheaper
There is a surf shop in town. They have equipment for all types of surfing. They also sell have a surf school. Again they teach all types of surf.

In Klitmoeller there is surfing all year
. Especially the windsurfers like the periods of high winds during the winter. For that reason the place is also named "Cold Hawaii"

Video - Surf    Video - Windsurf

Looking South

Looking North

The old landing stage for the fishing boats


Parking for wind surfers and surfers

Surfers at 23.00 hours

Parking for wind surfers and surfers