Denmark Løkken  Link to other web siteMap, is a holiday resort situated in North Jylland in Jammerbugten.   Løkken is one of the larger resorts in the area. Popular with younger people, and the town becomes quite crowded in the July high season. There are many shops, restaurants, bars, cafe's and some discothèques.

What I liked most , is the easy access to the beach. The surf spot is just North of the breakwater. There is a surf school here
Link to other web site They are only having courses when enough people are signed on. Call them for more info.

The local surfers walk to the end of the pier. Here they jump in the water and surf back to the shore. offers tuition.

If you have a camper you can take it to the beach during the daytime. During the night you are supposed to use camping. There is a quick camping fee several places High season is 1 st July to mid August.

The camping I stayed on was more for family. Some of them had never seen a surfer before, or so it looked. I prop went to the wrong one. There are several to choose from.

I did see quite a bit of kites. They were North from the breakwater as well.  The photo shows the breakwater in Loekken and some surfers.

I stayed at Link to other web site They had free internet. 20 channel cable TV, a place with a lot of comfort. However I had to take the car and drive a few kilometres to the beach. That counts for all the camping in the area. The surf spot is a drive away.