Fuerteventura  Beaches around Corralejo


Fuerteventura is windy most of the year. However during the winter the wind is a lot less and that is the time to go and surf there. I was there Jan, Feb, Marts. 1 week each month.  End of Marts Trade wind had started. I think December would have been better.

If you want to bring your car there is ferry from Cadiz in Spain and Portimao in Portugal ( Portimao, Madiera, Las Palmas and eventually Fuerte ) the last version is the cheapest. Then you can also have a look at Mediera. There are a couple of surf spots there I recon. 2 campsites as well.

There are many beaches on Fuerteventura, and I only saw a fraction of them. Many places you are surfing reef. I recommend you start with a surf school to get to know some of the places.

There is no camping on Fuerteventura. You can rent RV's and wild camp.


Corralejo. Swell passing between the island of Lanzarote and Fuerte

Wave on the North shore. You can find small bays with waves for beginners as well.

The board I used

We are looking for waves

Cotillo. Not often used during the  winter. Also the town is sleepy during winter.

Flag beach
Flag beach
Surfing the East side during end of Marts
Surfing the East side during end of Marts
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